PERFECTLY NATURAL (Creator/Writer/Producers: Krista Rand & Orsy Szabo)

YVR Screen Scene says Perfectly Natural is CREATIVE and COMPELLING. 

PROMO VIDEO - Little Bird Sleep Consultant (Director/Writer/Producer - Krista Rand)


AUTHENTIC KIDS - presented by Whistler Film Festival and Canon Canada (Producer: Krista Rand Director: Orsy Szabo)

HEART LIKE THAT - Alexz Johnson (Producers: Krista Rand & Red Castle Films Director: Orsy Szabo)

Concept/Director: Orsy Szabo Producers: Krista Rand, Orsy Szabo, Jon Silverberg, Andy Hodgson Starring: Alexz Johnson and Justin Turnbull Funded by TELUS STORYHIVE

"Heart Like That" written by Alexz Johnson, Brendan James Johnson Audio Produced and Programmed by David Kahne Copyright 2015 Laydee Spencer Music Inc. Website: 

BEHIND THE SCENES Video Part One (shot/edited by Alayna Silverberg)

BEHIND THE SCENES Video Part Two (shot/edited by Alayna Silverberg)

Now screening on Air Canada enRoute! 

LEAD & FOLLOW -Director's cut (Producers: Krista Rand & Scopitone Films Director: Orsy Szabo)

Directed by: Orsy Szabo Written by: Krista Rand and Orsy Szabo Producers: Krista Rand, Orsy Szabo, Elad Tzadok (Scopitone Films) Starring: Ian Tracey, Krista Rand, Lane Edwards, Leah Cairns, Nelson Leis, Chilton Crane Produced with the assistance of Telus Storyhive and with the support of the Union of BC Performers            

Cinematographer: Stirling Bancroft Production Design: Caitlin Byrnes Art Director: Harry Brar Wardrobe: Maria Tyson 1st AD: Richard Worden Script Supervisor: Lara Fox Make up Artist: Katie Goett, Pauline King Hair: Tim Chappel Gaffer: Chris Tobiesen, Rudy Lenz Key Grip: Stefan Gills 1st AC: Shane McLeod, Selena Raskin Location Sound: Eugenio Battaglia, Oscar Vargas Editor: Elad Tzadok Sound Designer: Gregor Phillips Music courtesy of: KUZIN, Alexz Johnson, Christopher Arruda, Stephen Spender, Andrew Halliwell                                                                                             

BEHIND THE SCENES with Krista Rand (Actress, Co-Writer, Producer)

BEHIND THE SCENES with Orsy Szabo (Director, Co-Writer, Producer)

BEHIND THE SCENES with Ian Tracey (Actor)

BEHIND THE SCENES with Leah Cairns (Actress)

BEHIND THE SCENES with Elad Tzadok (Producer/Editor)

BEHIND THE SCENES with Maria Tyson (Costume Designer)